Thursday, August 4, 2011


The EMT Mommy: HELP ME PLEASE: "As an EMT and my boyfriend being a Paramedic we know first hand how to treat a medical emergency, so with that .. Why not start a business c..."

I think this is an awesome idea and I'd really like to see this idea through - I think it's important for kids to know!!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Grocery store etiquette? Really?

Do I really need to go there?  I think so! 
Somedays I am more easily annoyed than others.  People's stupidity and lack of consideration just piss me off.  I can't help it. 
Let me start by saying, excuse me.  Why?  Because if you don't know that phrase, then the look you give me when I'm looking at a product label doesn't make me move.  I can't hear a look.  Open your mouth and politely ask me to move my cart and I'll be sure to move my ass out of the way.  Personally, I always try to hug the aisle so that people don't need to ask me to move, but I understand that my cart is probably going to block what it is that you're looking for.  Most days my ESP works fine, but with all the craziness a grocery store can bring, verbally being kind usually works best.
Do you need air conditioning?  Yeah?  The freezer aisle is not the place to get it.  Standing there with the door open, checking out the frozen dinners and wondering what's for dinner while sucking all the cold air out that you can possibly get while you contemplate salsbury steak over that great tasting fake thanksgiving dinner, get the f*ck out of my way!  I just need some vegetables!  Oh wait - I forgot my first rule:  Excuse me, please!  Go to the refridgerator aisle where everything is wide open and stare at the yogurt for a while.  There's lot of choices there to keep you cool.
The fresh breads.  Ahh that aroma!  Mmmm a carboholics dream.  My kid's breakfast.  Keep your hands off the fresh bagels and use the wax paper that is clearly provided to you.  This isn't the produce section.  Don't squeeze for freshness.  I can't wash your cooties off my bagel when I get home.  
Finally my biggest peeve.  This one could be the biggest.  Self check out.  If you don't know what you're doing, don't use it.  Seriously.  Especially if you have a lot of produce and bakery items or alcohol.  You slow me down and I don't appreciate it. 
Then there's the store person that is supposed to be standing there if any issues arrive (yes, I've had the occasional coupon that does not want to cooperate) but she's usually at the customer service desk talking to her bestie.  Please, please, please, don't think that you're helping me either when you bag my groceries!!  If you don't know by now that soap does not go in the same bag as sugar or flour, you're stupid and should be fired.  Cold goes with cold.  Boxes go with boxes.  My milk does not need a bag.  You're not helping and I really can bag my stuff faster than you.
On that subject, while I'm bagging, a note to the next customer on line.  DON'T BE IMPATIENT.  You know I'm working my ass off to get out of your way.  Wait for my eye contact with you to give the heads up nod that it's okay with me for you to start scanning.  Anything before that is just rude.  I don't care if you're only scanning one thing.  Patience is a virtue and if you can't abide by that, you're an idiot.
Ahh, I feel better getting that off my chest.  I'm leaving for the grocery store in an hour.  Do you think this will make it around the world in time for everyone to read it??

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Monday, July 11, 2011

A few thoughts from this mom....

I have a lot on my mind today.  Saturday night there was a horrific car accident across the street from my home.  I live in a quiet neighborhood.  Kids on bikes.  Neighbors walking dogs.  It's a nice place to live. 
Long story short to start, 2 dads went to go get pizza for their little family party and died when their car crashed into my neighbors tree. 
I was putting my children to bed and it was HOT.  The airconditioners were on in the windows.  As I was kissing my little one good night, I heard the rev of an engine, rolled my eyes and hoped the kids outside weren't going to keep it up for too long.  My husband and I turned off their light and walked down the hall and sat down with cold beers in hand.  Just as we started watching TV my phone rang.  My neighbor.  I laughed - we had seen each other 3 times already today and I wondered what she had forgotten to tell me now. 
Christine was hysterical on the other end of the phone yelling, "WHY AREN'T YOU OUTSIDE??"  I jumped out of my chair and went to the front door and saw chaos as there were children crying, a woman trying not to collapse and another neighbor that volunteers with the fire department trying to get control of the situation and all the on lookers.  This was 3 minutes ago.  There were atleast 5 cop cars out there already. 
I threw the phone on the couch and ran across to my neighbor and she was shaking violently.  She was the only one that saw the crash.  Everyone heard it.  She saw it.
As I ran across to her I glanced at the car and I regret it.  I felt the passenger looking through me.  His eyes were open and they were black.  He had a shaved head.  His head was resting on the dashboard, his tattooed arms were just hanging there.  All of this in 1 nano second. 
Christine was just out of her mind.  She thought it was a couple of teenagers in a hot rod car speeding down our street.  She was sitting on her stoop painting her toenails when she looked up to see the noise and she said it was like an action movie.  She said that they made no attempt to steer the car away.  Her mind was racing with all of the "what if's".  Meanwhile her 10 year old and 5 year old boys were worried about her and trying to look outside.  I went in with them knowing that the EMT's and fire department were about to pry open the car.  No one should look at that. 
I always thought that being  a fire fighter (volunteer or paid), an EMT, nurses and doctors was such a noble thing.  When I think about what I saw, just for that very second, I don't know that I could see that daily.  These professionals that save our lives everyday deserve to honored every day.  Just as important as the soldiers that protect our lives every day, it's the docs, nurses, and emergency services that are there no matter what.  There was no hesitation.  These firefighters were using every ounce they had to crowbar the doors open, pull the windows out and get those men out.  I felt like they were gone in a flash. 
The scene stayed until after midnight.  I tried to close my eyes several times but I kept seeing his eyes.  The car is vividly pictured in my head. 
Sunday was almost as bad.  Mourners were coming through as early as 6AM.  Neighbors all walking down the street.  Teenagers holding hands and saying prayers for the friend's dad.  People pulling over in their cars and pausing, just for a moment, to have a thought.  Families supporting each other as they were sobbing, walking down the street from the passenger's house.  News 12 was out there for over an hour. 
Myself and Christine tried to help Marie clean up her yard.  There were shards of glass still in her driveway.  Her car was covered in gasoline.  The town still hasn't come by to clean up the mess of oil and gasoline in the street.  It's in a large pile of kitty litter/oil absorbing materials, glass,  and pieces of the car, next to the tree in the street. 
I imagine that it will be quite some time for the memory of mine to fade.  I will be reminded for a while to come with the tribute staring at my home.  My heart aches for the wives, children and families of both these men. 
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Weighty Issue

I have never been one to worry about my weight.  I am 5'5" tall and have always been between 160 - 180 and for the most part, haven't had to buy too many new clothes in different sizes. 
I'm 38 now.  Still not caring too much until recently.  My back fat rolled.  It touched, it was just weird.
So, now I'm starting to exercise.  I've done little bits here and there.  But now I'm on 5 days straight of 3 miles per day on the treadmill and watching Ally McBeal on Netflix.  MAN, I forgot how friggin' funny that show is!
I'm putting it out there.  Still don't know how much I weigh.  I'm just hoping to melt away a little of my back fat while not adjusting cup size (the one thing I don't want to lose although I'm told it's inevitable.)
I don't want to know how much I weigh.  I just want to feel uncomfortable in my big clothes. 
I need a shopping spree - and that's something that, if you knew me, I NEVER SAY!!
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Non stop nonsense!

Seriously.  It is just coming up on 2 weeks home from school and I'm ready to send them back!!
We had a great day today and as soon as we were on our way home, Frick and Frack got into SO MUCH TROUBLE!!  I just don't get how 2 little people could cause such a ruckous?!?!?
AHh, oh well.  It's the weekend coming up.  Camp starts on Monday (half day only) but it's something to keep them busy for a little while!
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post Holiday Blues

my children have been so spoiled over the past week with constantly having play dates, they have forgotten how to play with each other.  If they go near each other one more time today....... UGH!!  I'm all for a lazy day every once in a while, but, they are taking lazy to a whole now level for 6 and 4 year olds!
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend

I'm so looking forward to this weekend.  It's always great when my husband gets the extra time to play with the kids.  My oh-so-talented husband built a cornhole board this week for us to play and we're going to break it in today.  We played ladder golf with the neighbors last night and had a blast. 
The weekend menu:
Last night was bbq'd chicken wings.  Half went in hot sauce and the rest were with bbq sauce. 
I made 5 lbs. of potato salad and 2 pounds of macaroni salad (with italian dressing)  to have the whole weekend. 
Tonight is spiral cheesy sausage and flank steak in a spicy marinade.
Sunday is traditional burgers and dogs (weather dependent)*pop up thunderstorms predicted*
Monday depends on Sunday, but, I'm thinking chicken kebobs.
I also picked up a bunch of fresh strawberries and sponge cake.  MMmmmm.  
Happy 4th everyone.  I hope you get as much family time as I have been granted this weekend. 
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Whoa, hold your horses!

Okay, how many minutes since my last post and now little man is in his room punished for all the SPIT I found on his bedroom floor.  Hocking drooling loogies all over his floor.  He has been yelled at for DAYS about this ridiulous drool thing and (PS - He's 4 1/2) and UGH!!!  I don't know how to get through to him..  He says he's sorry because he thinks that's what I want to hear.  It actually grates me when he says it.  He doesn't know what it means to be sorry.  AAHHHHH> 
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Ahh, summer has officially begun.  School is finished.  Piles of papers from my son's desk are strewn all about.  Can't wait to throw THAT all away!!  Officially a second grader, I'm so excited for him.  I think I may be the odd mom out on this one that I am excited to see my children move forward.  My littlest one is starting pre-k and I couldn't be prouder.  Not nostalgic.  Maybe that'll change in 3 months when I drop him off in his classroom, but not now! 
The past month has completely flown by.  I have no idea where June went.  I thought we could slow down this week, but that's not happening either!  I suddenly am feeling pretty popular and that's not too shabby.  Pool party today, possibly tomorrow.  Sprinkler date on Wednesday and another pool date on Thursday (although, she doesn't have a heated pool and I'm spoiled so I won't be going in that one!!)  Then it's 4th of July weekend!! 
We have a whole weekend of family time that I am SO looking forward to.  I have planned ahead with my cake baking so it shouldn't disrupt family time.  We'll be seeing lots of friends.  Now it's another 8 days of go go go!!!  I love it!
Here's to a fun filled summer! 
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fantastic Connecticut Weekend

What an amazing weekend my family had!  We were afforded the opportunity to go spend the weekend in Connecticut through Family Fun Mystic.  We had the option of choosing from 4 different adventures and we found the perfect ones for us!
We started out on quite a dreary, rainy Friday morning heading out to the Orient Point Ferry on the North Fork of Long Island.  The rain was teeming at times and even at 9AM, lightning danced across the sky as we headed east.  We got up onto the ferry and found ourselves a cozy table to sit at and sat back.  On occasion, my husband did take the little guys outside, but they're not much for getting their faces wet!  The trip across the Long Island Sound was an hour and 20 minutes.  The boys handled it well for being indoors and sitting still.  They were just thrilled that they were on a boat!
When we were ready to get going to our first destination, The Dinosaur Place ( we were still a little iffy on the weather.  But, we proceeded because we knew ultimately, we wouldn't melt. 
We pulled up to a GIANT T-REX name Monty wearing a neck tie!  The boys squealed with happiness and my husband and I knew we made the right decision.  The rain actually stopped completely by the time that we had gotten there, but it was still damp and cool.  The other plus for us (and don't tell on us either) all the kids were still in school.  We had the place to ourselves!!!  It truly doesn't get any better than that!
We started off wandering around the amazing gift shop.  Every type of dino-related toy was available plus beading and gems.  It was beautiful.  The only disappointment we had was not being able to  hit the jackpot mine where you look for "fools gold".  That didn't stop us!
We headed across the parking lot to head into the mini Jurassic Park.  The gentleman in the little shop had told us to start the trail by going off to the left first.  Boy, did he give us the best advice.  To start, the hourly volcano (yes, a volcano) was about to blow!  We waited 5 minutes before the ground started to rumble and smoke started to pour out of the top.  It got louder and louder and smoke was getting thicker.  Finally it blew (water) everywhere,  which didn't matter because we had already decided that we weren't going to melt, remember that part? 
And now, the dinosaur hunt begins............

Then, this is why I truly give the admission guy KUDOS!!  I don't know if he had kids or not or maybe he was just that smart, or maybe he really did just want us to see the volcano first.  There is a HUGE playground in the park as well.  The boys went nuts - and once again, it was ALL THEIRS!!!  (spoiled rotten little boys) Did I say that out loud?
What fun we had!  There was a giant "spider web" looking thing that they spent most of their time tooling around on and admittedly, so did I!  Then there was a playset with a bone bridge, a rope bridge and probably the most fun slide that I have been on - it was all rollers so that meant SUPER SPEED!!  I went on that one A LOT! 
Yeah, everything was wet, but that's one of the reasons I packed extra underpants, right?  The other fun thing to do there that we didn't need to have open anyway was their splash pad.  That was opening on Father's Day and we were celebrating a few days earlier.  The cats around here wouldn't have been to keen on it, but, I know a lot of other kids that would have a blast there!

Then we were off to our hotel - the Marriott Springhill Suites.  We had a great room, 2 beds, a little living room and little kitchenette with a fridge and microwave.  The boys were exhausted and needed to take a break (yup, they needed to take a break).
So after resting up, we went down to the indoor pool (the only way I roll) and played around for a while to exhaust them some more  play.  It worked.  Me and the boys were passed out by 8:30.  I don't know what time hubbs passed out.  I didn't ask.  Apparently there was some wicked storm going on too........

Saturday morning, we enjoyed our free breakfast buffett and we totally took advantage of it!!  Fresh waffles, sausage, eggs, english muffins, bagels, muffins, cereal, fresh fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, juice and coffee.  Lots of coffee.
Then we were on our way to the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat  We were really excited for this one too(until the little guy asked if it took us to the Dinosaur Place and I had to let him down easy.)  The boys had never been on a train before so when we pulled into the parking lot, they were in awe at the size of the engine (okay, so I was a little too!!) 
We went to stand in line to get our tickets and there was a conductor walking the line to move things along, prefilling orders of which tour they wanted to take.  Some people had made reservations, others were just getting there.  Here's my advice.  Get online and order your tickets in advance - especially if you want to take the riverboat.  Apparently, from the woman that I had befriended while standing on line, she was there for her third attempt at getting train and boat tickets.  The third time she got wise and bought her tickets online. 
Now, back to the conductor that was walking around.  He was moving things along finding out what each person was doing.  Some people were there just for the train ride.  Like me, others were there for the train and boat and there was a third option as well that included a hike.  The first stop off the train was a hike to a ferry with a short trip across the river to another short hike up to Gillette's Castle.  From the river, the castle looks beautiful.  (My knees thanked me for not going up that hill!!)  Definately something that I know I would have enjoyed!
So we set off on our train ride.  A lovely 1/2 hour ride, whistle blowing, slow trip up the tracks.  Locals wave at everyone on the train as we pass by. 
 When we got to the end of the line, the train goes in reverse.  First the Castle tour gets off the train.  Then we back up some more for the Riverboat.  During that stop, the train engine detaches from the front of the train and goes to the backside.  The kids loved watching that.  
We boarded our boat and grabbed some seats together.  We meandered down the river while a guide told us stories of the boatyards and the castle and the Goodspeed Opera House.  The scenery was beautiful.  The four of us went topside and enjoyed the scenes some more - we even saw a bald eagle!!  The boats, jetskis, yachts and all the beautiful scenery made for a relaxing hour long excusion.  Even the boys dealt pretty well for the length of time.  As we were docking though, they were getting ants in their pants to get back on the train!!
It was another 1/2 hour ride back to the station that we enjoyed.  And Sue, if you're reading this, you can be expecting my husband and I back for the Essex Dinner Train.  We were REALLY intrigued and thought it would make for a great date night!
Our weekend was coming to an end.  We couldn't believe how much we had accomplished in 30 hours!  Whirlwind, yes!  Full of memories, definately! 
I haven't been to Connecticut in over 10 years.  I think they are going to be seeing our faces more often - those dinosaurs haven't seen the last of my little men yet and I have a pending dinner date with my husband on a train!
Most of this trip was compensated by Family Fun Mystic, but all these opinions are my own.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How lucky am I?

Very!  2 blog redesigns in 1 weekend!  I get to premier everything all at once!

I must tell you about my day in NYC!!  Names may be changed, but, since I don't know how to block out faces, the innocent shall have faces only! 
Our awesome day started with meeting in the parking lot of the Ronkonkoma train station.  14 incredibly awesome women with the whole day to themselves!!  So, we got ourselves some mimosas in to go cups and boarded the train.  Since there were so many of us, we looked for a large group of seats that could face each other.  Easily done.  As we boarded the train, there were several stray passengers in the car.  Most of them left.  One poor soul did not.  He was warned.  He was a smart single guy.  He had a name.  It was.................Random Guy.  Yup.  We called him Guy.
The train to Ronkonkoma is 90 minutes to the city.  90 minutes of mimosas and Random Guy.  90 minutes on the 10:40 train to Penn Station.  That was the beginning of our day.  It was an awesome day.
What happens when 14 women walk past Macy's Herald Square?  If I have to tell you, then you're reading the wrong blog!  One of the lovely ladies just wanted a gift certificate for a party she was going to the next day.  45 minutes later, we had boobie pasties, a new shirt, a new necklace (on clearance and with a coupon), 3 Starbucks iced coffees and a gift card.  Yeah
Then it was off to the show.  We managed to find a bar before the show - you know, because they serve drinks during the show, but, why not start early - it's our day off!!  Poor bartender didn't know what hit him.
Then it was SHOW TIME!! ROCK OF AGES!!FRONT ROW SEATS!!  It was like being at a rock concert - and I caught a thong! 

Then I flirted with the guitarist a little -

Good Times!  Oh - and then I posed with the lead actor who was in his broadway debut -
What a fun show!

Then it was off to Tony's DiNapoli.  We were wearing our playbills in front of our faces so they wouldn't recognize us from last year.  (Saving the not so innocent there!)
But, all was well and we all sat down to a fantastic dinner that included a lot of seafood that I have no interest in talking about, but what I ate was:  Fried zucchini, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, penne a la vodka, chicken parmesan, chicken francese, tri-color cheese tortollini in an alfredo sauce and meatballs with sausage. - No No - I didn't get that all on one dish- Tony's is family style!  It was outrageously delicious and honestly, $60 per girl to feed 14 girls, ain't too shabby! 
After dinner we headed back to Penn Station to catch a rather early train - which is highly unusual!  We were about to board the train when we noticed - RANDOM GUY!!!
He was stuck with us for the ride home and had to listen to us carry on and laugh and sing and all sorts of good stuff - the conductor actually came by and said that we had to quiet it down.  Kill Joy.
I have to say, not to sound old, it was a wonderful day and I was so glad to be home before midnight.  Not too much before, but, long enough for me not to worry about pumpkin status!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

From Riverhead to NYC!!

Can't wait to share tomorrow what I'm doing today.  It's GIRL'S DAY in the CITY!!  So happy to be spending the day with lots of my favorite ladies, taking in a Broadway show and having a fantastic dinner.  Wait 'til you hear the details tomorrow (if allowed, I'll post some pics too - they can get a little out of hand......)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Fun Day On Long Island!

Today was our extra day off for Memorial Day.  After all the snow we had this year, we still got to use up a day because our kids need more time off this time of year.  With the parents in town, I took advantage of the extra eyeballs to take the kids to the Atlantis Marine World in Riverhead, New York.   It's been here on Long Island for 10 years and today was my first trip.  (Technically I was there 8 years ago, but, hubbs and I were at the animal rescue center visiting a friend that worked there and then we weren't "allowed" in the aquarium because we might get the animals "sick".) 
Any hooo,  the day started off great for the single fact alone that my girlfriend gets discount tickets through her union and she just happened to have had 5 laying around her house.  The price was right and we were ready to go (PS - any and all money that I had saved was spent on 2 THINGS at the gift shop). 
The ride out was smooth enough.  A lovely drive on the Long Island Expressway with minimal traffic - upside to a Tuesday trip.  Traffic was a little heavy in Riverhead as there is much construction going on right in front of the aquarium.  A gas station remodel as well as a hotel being built on either side of the aquarium made for a slow go. 
Once we finally found the parking down the street, we took a great strool to the entrance where you can watch seals while waiting to enter.  The downside to today - school field trips.  Atleast 3 different schools were there.  From elementary to crazed middle schoolers.  I just kept a tighter grip  closer eye on my kids. 
The stingrays are right up front when you get in.  On the other side of the interior is a great scene with shallow water and a beachy feeling.  You walk over a dock, look down and there's sand sharks.  That went over big!  We saw Japanese Spider Crabs (HOLY CRAP!! They were HUGE and very scary looking) and electric eels.  We even found Nemo.
Sharks, octopus, penguins, snow monkeys.  SNOW MONKEYS???  Isn't this an AQUARIUM???  oh, and 4 parrots.  Fish, lots of fish.  The boys loved the sea lion show.  It was short, but cute, none the less. 
2 1/2 hours of pure joy on my children's face.  No complaints other than the usual "I'm THRISTY!!" 
It truly was a picture perfect family day. 
Oh, and I held a snake. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Over doing it....

Well, it truly has been a while since I've had anything to say.  Really, it's not that I haven't had anything to say, it was lack of time!!  When I get involved in something, I have a tendency to throw myself into it and kinda leave everything else in the dust for a while.  So, this lovely little blog of mine is the one that suffered.  BOO.....
Here I am at a holiday weekend, and I'm pretty sure that I"m going to be spending my daytimes catching up on the 3 GIANT piles of papers, mail and forms that have been waiting for me, so graciously catching the dust for me and leaving it's imprint on my couch cushions.  Anyone looking for rectangular cushions, let me know.  My butt is quite round and I don't know how it will fall in.  (Round butt, square seat???)
I digress, I really have taken on quite a bit lately.  My parents are visitng for the next 2 weeks.  So, in my own brilliance, I started spring cleaning 3 days before they got here.  REALLY??  Yes, I am that stupid.  SO, there's piles of outgrown clothes that I want to sell on ebay laying around.  There's piles of "stuff" to go into the basement - and they can't go down there because that needs it's own spring cleaning. 
Cake orders are booming, so, I'm really excited about that and I'm focusing a lot of time on my other blog to be helping out other mommas!!  PHEW - the neglect.  I am never without my cell phone so i don't miss an email - I still can't respond on time. 
I'm hoping when school ends, i'll be able to redirect my focus to the kids more and really just divide my time properly between internet, piano, cooking and playdates.  Thank goodness I have a very supportive husband who gets me and how I function - I think a lesser man would have imploded by now........

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still catching up.........

This weekend was not as catch-up worthy as I wanted it to be.  I had some fun.  My cup runneth over but,  my plate is too full!!  Friday night I had the opportunity to go to the movies with my girlfriends.  That was a lovely night out.  Then, by the time I got to bed, my littlest person started crouping.  What child croups in May??  He was barking for an hour!! 
Finally, around midnight, I was able to start drifting.  3AM rolls around and he's calling out for us.  He wet the bed.  WHAT??  SO, that means we clean him up, change his clothes and let him come sleep next to me.  My husband still gets all the room in the world to sleep, but, my little person has to climb back into the womb when he lays next to me.  We have a stinking king sized bed and I'm the one hanging off the edge.  By 6AM the big little is awake and all hell starts breaking loose.  COME ON!!  Why do they do that??  Why must they wake this early.  We have room darkening shades in their room.  Their room is black!!!!  I can't stand it.  After that night, I was just miserable. 
So, I went to see my chiropractor first thing after finally getting motivated.  There's the upside to my day.  I love her.  She's an awesome friend. 
Saturday was a strange day.  My SIL's husband's best friend, Jimmy, is involved in what he's calling 52 Missions.  One mission each week for 52 weeks of stuff that he has never done before.  So, I was teaching him to play the piano and then teach him to play a song.  We spent 4 hours on and off doing that yesterday (my children suckered him into a few games of LEGO Star Wars - although, I don't think they had to try too hard - he's a Star Wars and Video Game junkie as it is-in between learning new notes)
The afternoon disappeared a bit.  I put off making the cake until this morning because I was worried about the cake's integrity in the swampy weather. 
Husband and I watched Scott Pilgrim VS the World last night - amazing how I stayed awake for it - it really held my attention.  Finally, a movie that was totally different.
This morning, I set out to put the cake together.  The whipped cream stayed the consistency of cream no matter what I did.  It was stinking ridiculous.  When the executive decision to make a buttercream instead came about, that also threw a wrench in the works because I didn't have enough powdered sugar. 
AHHHH!! Right down to the last second was I putting this cake together.  I wanted to add a starburst to it (it was a cake for a boy so I wanted to pass on flowers) and the buttercream was turning into cream itself and blah blah blah.  To make this long story slightly shorter, the cake was delivered.  I am kicking myself about it.  There is always so much to change after the fact.  I wish I had done the fondant.  I wish I had figured the name differently.  I wish it wasn't 1000% humidity.
Ah well.  Hubbs and I are going out to dinner tonight.  We'll see how that goes........

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bridesmaids - The Movie

I believe one catch phrase that I saw was, "A chick flick that doesn't suck" and it was correct!!  Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph were hysterical together in this movie.  I wish SNL was this funny every week.  Yes, some of the humor was crude (I believe I had a screaming laugh going on at one point while crying at the same time - I should have been worried about bladder protection at that point!) 
A cute story about childhood friends.  One is struggling to keep her head above water financially and the other just got engaged.  So, you can see here where the craziness can kick in.  Kristen Wiig is just pure comic genious.  I don't know how she pulls off some of the stuff that she does.  The supporting cast (the bridesmaids) definately are scene stealers!  I gave such a glowing review to my husband, he is actually looking forward to it being available on netflix!  That's definately a thumbs up!

PS to my girls that went out last night.  My childhood friends.  I love you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Am I Ever Going to Catch Up??

I just don't understand.  Well, actually, I do.  So much going on now. 
My blogs really are becoming a full time job.  Now that it has been over a month, I am starting to be compensated for my Odd Jobs Momma stuff.  ( - you know I had to throw that in there!! 
More and more opportunities are coming my way and I couldn't be more excited! 
Life is still happening around me though and it's getting really tough to keep up.  My grandfather has been in and out of the hospital for 2 weeks now.  2 weeks ago he had a stint replacement in the city.  After he came home, I promised my uncle that I would be a good girl and stay home (I have a tendency to be a "mother hen").  My aunt has been wonderful and keeping me updated so I can keep my parents updated.  It's a good phone system for a large family.  Then, after being home for 2 days, Pop started having stroke symptoms.  Very minor - slight droop to the mouth, slight loss of motor function to the right hand and dragging the right foot as well.  So, off he went to the hospital again on Friday - fortuneately, this time it was local.  Now, you can't keep me away!  (I'm annoying like that too)
So, Saturday morning I parked myself in a chair next to his bed and stayed there until after lunch and the same on Sunday- Hey, Mother's day is about what mommy wants to do - that's what I wanted to do - while my children and husband did not set my kitchen on fire baking me a cake!
Through lots of therapy and much grumpiness for being there, my pop is home with my aunt temporarily.   YAY!!  So, in the meantime, not just because of that, (I have kids too, did I mention that???)  those demanding little buggers that want to be fed and played with sucked up a lot of my time too.  The wii bowling, the UNO games, the tickle tortures.  All in a days work.  oh yeah- That's what I was complaining about.  I can't keep up!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Damn you Hot Coffee

It's starting off to be one of those days.....
As I was pouring Darling Husband's coffee this morning, the coffee decided to jump out of the pot and hang on to my knuckles for dear life.  How dare it!  I mean - I use those knuckles!  Quick witted and yet still half asleep, I whispered !@*$&*#^!&* and then turned the cold water on.  Gently, i placed the coffee mug down (haha sucker, that extra little guy that tried to escape?  MISSED ME!!)  and then i let my hand gently cool off in the frozen flowing fountain of healing. 
Crap - my hand hurts.  No blisters - just really red.  :(

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A survey site for fun! Survey Site!

This is Vindale Research! This survey site does both cash and points. This site will not make you rich, but, gives you lots of survey opportunities to make cash. I recommend setting up a paypal account if you don't have one already for these survey sites. Most of them will deposit directly to it. I use it kind of like a savings account!
Enjoy and as always, have fun!

Please check out my other blog, for other opportunities like this!

Monday, May 2, 2011

And now for something completely different.........

Since I got that last rant out of my head, I can move on with life.
I kind of feel like life has been moving at warp speed lately. We came out of the winter doldrums into spring chaos and it has been non stop! I cannot get over the fact that it is May. Next weekend, it's going to be the 4th of July!
Hubby's birthday is this weekend right before Mother's Day. I have to give the guy atleast one day before I suck up all the love of the children again. THe children seem so confused as to what to celebrate and in what order. All the prep work that they are doing at school for Mother's day and then I try to remind them about Daddy, but, if you want to make all the presents for me, that's okay too!
And now the sad news - TV season is ending. THis month. It's over. I can't stand reality TV (unless it's a cooking competition!!) I have the most boring TV schedule for the summer. I'm so glad that we signed up for netflix. Soon my evenings will be filled with NIP/TUCK eye candy from Dr. TRoy and watching Heroes.
I have been on another mission too - a bit of a ridiculous one, but one none the less. I want to find "You Can't Do THat On Television" on DVD. Apparently it was available once, for about a day, on DVD. SO now people are selling them on DVD-Rs and my DVD doesn't play those. If you know of anyone that has a real DVD for sale, let me know so that I can show my children that BRAINSURGE isn't the originator of getting slimed! WHAT??
So, that's enough rambling for now. Nothing whitty this evening. Nothing of consequence. Good evening.....


Okay. I'm a piano teacher. I have been a piano teacher for 20 years now. For the first time in 20 years, I had a student unprepared for NYSSMA. Ya know why? Because I SCREWED UP!! Not the kid. Not the parents. ME. I have taken full responsibility in not being ready for this child. Explained to the parents and the student that I wasn't comfortable sending him unprepared. They got it. They understood. Case closed, righT?
NO! I decided that I would try to get the student to finish preparing his piece and enroll him in another festival if there was availability and that he could get recognized for his performance. Music director was more than happy to allow the child into the festival. If we wanted to be formal about it though, we should go through his school district so he can be recognized and receive a medal for his performance (standard procedure). Well, I just got off the phone with his district and could not be more disgusted with the director of music. He will not formally register him or allow him to send his paperwork through because the student didn't show up to the festival. He's heard all the excuses before and will not allow it. THere is no more filing of paper work. There will not be any medal for my student. Now mind you, when signing up for these performance festivals, parents pay to allow their child in. So, now the district has an extra $19 for a no show. But that doesn't matter. I'm just so upset for my student. I can't remember being this upset in quite sometime. I really feel that I let him down even though mom tells me he's fine. I want to do right by him and allow him to partake and show off his hard work. Well, he's getting signed up through another district and I am going to buy him the biggest medal that I can find (within reason, of course) and we'll celebrate on our own.
Now that I have that out of my system, I now return you to your regularly scheduled lives.......Carry on!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, actually, I reached 100 like 2 weeks ago. So, to celebrate, I asked my 100th follower to do a guest post for me and I think you're going to lover her! DG tells it like it is and doesn't care what you think. I like the way she thinks! Her blog, Diary of a Mad Bathroom, is beyond real and funny. Give her a read and then DEFINATELY give her a follow!

Oh, hi there! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is DG and I have a blog called Diary of a Mad Bathroom. And while I know that we just met, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – nobody ever asks me to guest post. Shocking, right? In spite of my long and spectacularly lackluster blogging career I have only ever been asked to guest post once before. So this makes today’s guest post, over here at Thoughts From This Mom, number TWO! Thanks to Wendie for taking a chance on an unknown kid!
Occasionally, I wonder what it is about me that would prevent these invitations from being extended. I have opened up my blog to many guest posters over the 2.5 years of my blog’s existence, offering them a platform to share their thoughts on cranky teenagers, abysmal family car trips other real life delights.
Now, I could talk myself into thinking that my lack of invitation is due to my fabulosity being far too intimidating for the average blogger and that they simply can’t handle this jelly, but that would be a ridiculous notion, even for someone as delusional as me. I could also surmise that I am probably not a good fit for most “Mommy Blogs” because my acid tongue and potty mouth could scare the fish away. Or maybe I just suck. I mean, I do write about knotted cat anuses and an obsessive love for Bobby Flay pottery. Not everyone’s cup of tea.
You would think that having all of this non-guest-posting time on my hands would allow me the opportunity to build an arsenal of guest posts, just waiting to be unleashed on a new reading public, but no, that would be far too practical and optimistic for me. So, what ends up happening when I finally get my big invite – I am suffering in the suffocating in the claustrophobic grip of my worst dry spell, ever. Yes, the inevitable appearance of the heinous three headed monster known as writer’s block has taken up residence in my castle. Sweet timing, huh? It’s a helpless feeling, like when the UPS man shows up with an important package that requires your signature and you are trapped on the toilet suffering the vengeance of a 7-11 bean burrito.
So what can I do to offer you some sort of evidence that I was possibly worthy of this invite? Do what any sidelined athlete or washed up Hollywood hag would do – go to my highlights reel. Here are a few of my favorite posts from days gone by. Have fun and please do stop by my place. Although I haven’t posted since April 15th, I am working hard to clear my mental constipation.
Oh, and I was wondering. . . do they make prune juice for the brain? Because right now, my cranium is more backed up than a geriatric on an all rice and cheese diet. Any suggestions would be welcome as this brain cramp is killing me.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Retiring my Habit

Today was the last day of teaching first grade religion.
'Nuf Said!
Flirty Aprons


 Hosted by WAHM Resource Site
The button wasn't working for this one, so, please just follow the link for the IT'S ALMOST FRIDAY BLOG HOP!

ALSO, I found out yesterday afternoon that today was "Take your child to work" day. So, after my husband denied the big little, I decided that he should see that mommy actually does do things other than play on the computer and hug his little brother all day. We'll see how this goes! He's already learned the words "blogging" and "networking". There will be a quiz at the end!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dueling Poo

I know - not the most appetizing post.  But, for those who know my previous situation - this is a good post for me.  The general rule when women live together is that their "systems" sinc up and hell hath no fury for the guys that live in the house. 
Well, my little people have taken it to their own level.  This happens 3-4 times a week now.  Dueling Poo.
First, it starts with the giggle farts.  This is usually started by an unclaimed one then turns into who can do the nastiest one.  My house smells like boy.
Then, it's the mad dash to the bathroom - picture A Christmas Story, where Ralph and Randy pounce each other up the stairs on Christmas eve to see who can get into bed first.  This is the bathroom dash.
Then it's rock paper scissors with their legs crossed and hineys tucked under in order to figure out who's gonna actually go first. By now, my house smells like cesspool
Finally, I get the dimensions - "MOM!!! I MADE A HUGE POOP!!"  "LOOK AT THIS MOM!!  IT"S GINORMOUS!!"
Although, my personal favorite was the little guy the other day that told me his poop looked like a music note. (Visual - a quarter note for those in the know)
With that, my lovlies, it's time to break out the febreze and start another duel around here. 
Happy Weekend all.
I'll have a tall glass of red now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter crazy

Sunday is coming up really fast.  It's the one time a year that I actually get to break out the China and have my family over for a sit down dinner.  That's my favorite.  Sitting around a giant table (well, actually 3 tables connected oddly through my dining room and living room and after 3 years I also have matching table cloths!!) and having barbecued leg of lamb and roasted fresh ham with all the trimmings.  MMMMMmmmm...
The laughing and the stories about my grandparents start pouring out about as fast as the wine.  Nothing beats it!
We missed it last year - one kid decided to throw up in the middle of the easter egg hunt at 6AM.  By 9, I had $150 worth of groceries in my car headed to my aunt's house so she could host everyone minus us. 
This year, I am determined - Purell everywhere.  Attached to my key chain.  On the kitchen counter.  Anti-baterial wipes in the car - and thankfully, even the grocery stores provide them now!
Now, here's a story in a story.  Yesterday, we went to jiu jitsu as we do every Wednesday.  It's our routine.  Little man's class first and teacher ends it with a game of freeze tag and then big little man's class ended by a game called "steal the bacon" - don't ask - it's weird.  So, yesterday, Sensei decided to end Big Little's class differently and played his own version of dodgeball to which my big little starts crying and running over to me disappointed in himself that he is crying.  He wants to play steal the bacon - but, also, doesn't want to cry at the fact that they are not playing the game that he wanted to. (did that make sense?)
Unfortuneately, he gets that from me.  I am a creature of habit.  I do not like routine to be disturbed.  It's kinda like OCD.  Maybe it is, I don't know. 
So, when last year was disturbed by a vomiting child, I was highly disturbed.  NOT blaming the kid.  He couldn't help it that he was sick.  I get that part.  It was everything else.  I was disappointed that I wasn't cooking this huge meal and having the family around the table (now think about that butterball commercial that the guy is carving a turkey to "hallelujah" and then he's brought back to reality by a screaming baby) 
That messed me up for a while.  I was upset for my child.  I was upset for me.  It sucked. 
So, here's hoping that this year I get my sit down dinner with my lamb and ham and all the trimmings.  I hope to have all the cleaning done by the end of today so I can actually enjoy myself this weekend.  From this moment on, my children will not come in contact with any outside presense - (please don't tell them that)
The groceries are bought and thought that I would share my menu with you as a send off to a happy weekend and a Happy Easter: A crudite platter to start things lite!
BBQ leg of lamb with gravy
Roasted Fresh Ham with gravy
Mashed potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Broccoli Casserole
BBQ sweet potatoes
Applesauce (gotta have the applesauce)
For dessert:  Bunny Cake, Boston Cream Cupcakes, Cheesecake, and Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes.

Hope that makes you a  little hungry!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.........

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Monday was my birthday. It was a fantastic day that I spent with my boys - no yelling and no arguing.  It was heaven.  Husband came home early and took me out to dinner while my aunt watched the boys for an hour.  Stuffed to the gills with cheeeeeese!  (We had mexican!)  Bought myself an ice cream cake and shared it with the boys.  Over all it was an extremely pleasant day.  It was quiet. 
So was the phone. 
That's the weird one.  My mom called in the morning.  My aunt called to make babysitting arrangements and my grandfather called because I told him to on Sunday!
That was all. 
Then I was on FaceBook.  Facebook is now the new communications system.  (Now listen carefully to this next part - I am GRATEFUL for all the WONDERFUL birthday wishes that were sent my way - this is just a realization that I came across and not a complaint!!!!)
I received over 100 birthday wishes on Facebook.  It was great - kept getting lots and lots of notifications and thought it was so sweet.  I send birthday messages all the time too!  Friends and family.  It's easy!
But, my phone only rang 3 times.  all day.  That's never happened before.  Not that my phone rings off the hook, but, I think now what everyone does is send a message and be done for the day.  I have made a decision regarding this.  If I have a phone number for the person that's being celebrated for the day - I'm making a phone call.  I am the type of person that loves to know that someone is thinking of them.  So, I am going to make every effort from now on to make my thoughts vocal to loved ones that I am thinking of them beyond the computer and texting.  It's like getting a hand written letter (remember those??)  I still insist on handwriting my Christmas cards even though there's more than I can count to take care of.  That's called planning!  So, to make the one call, even if I get an answering machine (or voice mail), I know that I made my voice heard and that I care. 
Again, NOT complaining here.  Just an observation and a new direction for me!  I love getting my facebook messages.
And I started today with a phone call to a friend......

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhinestone Cowboy

It was really kinda a trippy day yesterday.  Got the kids off to school like normal and then it got weird.  Yesterday and today I am on a mission to get a zillion things done because tomorrow I am having a giant hole dug in my back because of a displastic biopsy on a mole (if you haven't gone to a dermatologist lately, please make your appointment now)  So, there is going to be a hole in my back with 3 - 4 stitches (bleh) and I know that I am not going to be in the mood for anything tomorrow.  I have 2 cake orders due on Saturday, a PTA dinner, religion class and karate to all take care of in the following 72 hours.  Again, bleh.
So, back to the point of my story.  First, I ran to staples and was greeted by an over zealous geek.  I mean, really over zealous.  Like your job much?
I found what I was looking for and go to the register, which over zealous dude is the only one doing checkouts.  He starts asking me in every thesaurus way how I am doing?  Was the original question when I came in the door not enough??  I don't think anyone else was in the store when I was there.  Are you desperate for conversation??  When I tell him I'm fine and paying with debit, he then proceeds to tell me to take extra out to give him for his college fund.  BITE ME!!
1 notebook planner.  that is all.  give it to me and leave me the fuck alone.

NEXT, I went next door to Micheal's craft store.  Just needed a few cake things and candy was on sale.  Crap candy, but, the Sunday paper didn't say that.  Whilst roaming the store, I started listening to the music and it actually took me a while to realize that i was humming along to the friggin "RHINESTONE COWBOY"  (if you don't know that song, then I definately just revealed my age - which BTW - my birthday is next week and the celebrating starts friday!!)
After that and my epiphony that I was old and appalled that I still knew the words, Madonna's "Crazy for you" came on and still knew all the words (no, I am not wandering the aisles of Michael's so I can listen to the songs)  and I'm ready to get outta there!!
Go the the register and "how to save a life" comes on.  THANK GOD.  A normal song that I can get stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Whoever hired this DJ needs to make sure his credentials weren't written in with pencil.  REally?  Is that how you play "genre" music??
Onto ULTA for their crappy sale as well - went with coupons and all set and they really meant "while supplies last" in the paper.  Holy crap it was crap.  Well,  i just saved myself $10.  Walked out with mascara for next to nothing and it still made me happy.
HMmmm, where to next?  AHh, the grocery store.  Now I was going here with a mission.  I have my religion class bringing some food to donate to the church for Easter dinners.  So, I went with all intentions of buying lots of store brand items - canned fruit and vegetables - because you can get a lot more per dollar.  Well, I couldn't believe the quality of the items that I wanted to buy.  The cans had rust on them and yet the date was stamped for next year.  That was disgusting and no one deserves that!!  So, I wasn't able to buy as much as I wanted to yesterday, but, we have enough for atleast 2 families!!
On may way home, in a double turning lane, someone decided to take an extra wide turn into my lane because she was chatting on her phone and she shoots me the "o well, F U" look.  UGH!
Drop the food off, almost forgot to bring the little person's pop-tart for his post-class snack.  (the last time I forgot his pop tart was apocolyptic!)
Head to the eyeglass store to get my new eyeglasses adjusted because they were just DIGGING into the back of my head like nobody's business and I was ready to kill someone.  The guy looks behind my ear and says - and I quote - "humph!"
Thanks eyeglass dude for your thoughtful insight.  Now do an adjustment and get my glasses back to me so I can get my kid.
Does my day stop there?? NO!! IT's only noon!!  Actually, the next couple of hours were quite nice.  Spend some snuggle time with the little one, did some laundry, cleaning, went through the mail.  Started piano lessons for the day which, for the most part, went quite smoothly.  Until the last student. 
Ever have one of those "oh God not now!!" moments??  Your stomach starts churning.  You feel the gas bubbles bubbling away like a whirlpool??  I tried adjusting the way I sat.  Inconspicuousley (?) unbottoned my top button of my pants and couldn't wait for the last 15 minutes of the lesson to be over!! 
Now it's 6:00 - nothing is prepared for dinner and I am wrapped up on the couch in a cold sweat, praying to god that I don't throw up.  WHen is my husband going to call???  Big little man keeps bringing me crackers in between WII games.  Little little man just wants to hug me and gives me his favoritist little stuffed animal to make me feel better!!  6:45 husband finally comes home.  7PM lights out to 6 this morning. 
I figured it out though.  After everything that I was trying to get done yesterday and everything for today that has to get done before the hole in the back (remember that from the beginning of this long winded story??) - that's what was sending my stomach into overdrive.  I can't stand it!  My head is always clear, but, my body does this stuff to me that is inexplicable and terribly annoying!
Well, if there's anything I figured out, it was 1)I have no idea is someone is flirting with me anymore 2)I still know the songs from my childhood 3)my kids really care (even if the care does become wii games!!)
Life is Good.
I'll let you all know tomorrow how the hell went!
Go to the dermatologist!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Haute Mom is responsible for this evil.
Muah ahh ahhh hahahhahahhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

Woo Hoo!! 2 in a Row!!

Thank you Thank You THank YOu to

This lovely lady caught my eye when she went on her own rant about how much her husband farts.  I was laughing so hard I was crying - go find that post on her blog!!  Since then, I feel like I really get her and love reading her posts!!  After reading it, you'll really realize the small stuff does matter!!!
I never thought I would feel such love from cyber space!  Then again, I never thought that ranting about clothes designers would get such attention either!
And now, the rules for acceptance:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their site in your original post.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.
  • Pass along the award to fifteen newly discovered bloggers.
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they got this award.
Okay, so in my last post, I revealed 7 things and today, I will go for 7 more.
1:) When I was younger, I never really knew how to handle a relationship - it took me years to realize that after the initial lust wore off, there were so many more layers to being crazy in love!!
2:) My closest friends and family always used to ask me who the "flavor of the week" was - that's how horrible I was
3:) Can't even imagine my life had it turned out different.  My husband, children, the story behind us -  I truly could write a novel about my life from 1999 and on and in my head, it's a Hallmark Movie.
4:) I want to be a CHOPPED champion - or Iron CHef - my husband always loves how I "iron Chef" dinners from whatever is in the pantry
5:) I'm going to meet Duff Goldman from Ace Of Cakes sometime in my lifetime just to show him how he has inspired me in my cakes and then I'm gonna take that to Food Network Challenge and win $10,000 for the bestest cake EVER!!!!!! (If you want to see some of my creations, go to my other blog
6:) I cyber stalk John Cusack on Twitter - Have loved him since I was like, 12 years old!!  Damn!! (I'm old)
7:) Here's one that's completely off beat from everything here.  I have family in Texas.  They are my mother's side of the family - I have such love for them and yet, I only get to see them every 10 years or so - they have such different lives from me and the only way I get to keep up is from updates from my mom.  If only they knew how much I love them.........

Okay - now the tough part!  I really wanted to keep my chosen ones to the ladies that haven't been lucky enough to be recognized lately - that doesn't mean that I don't love the other blogs that I follow any less!!!
Sorry again for the messed up links - if they don't work, please, copy and paste!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

You like me! You REALLY Like me!!

I am feeling extremely lucky the past few days!  I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Christina at

Keeping it Simple !!

I'd like to give a huge shout out to her and her adorable blog and boys!  To accept the award, you are asked to do a few things. Link back to the blogger who awarded you, share 7 things about yourself, pay it forward and award 10-15 other blogs with the award, and let those bloggers know that you gave them the award.
There are so many amazing bloggers out there, I don't know where to start!

Diary of a SnuggleSlut

From the Mudroom...

Mama's Gotta Go

Mommy Rock Out

My dishwasher's possessed!

Now, 7 things about me:
1:) I have no idea what I am doing on this computer, hence, the messed up links to the lovely ladies above.  Please, copy and paste, look them up and love them up!
2:)I carry such guilt over the most ridiculous things that it sends me to bed in terrible stomach pain.  I am now seeking medication to fix the pain, but not the brain
3:) I want lavish dinner parties.  I want a GIANT dining room table and cook 5 course meals for my friends.  Instead, we usually end up with take out and a few mags of wine and cases of beer.  Eh - we're together anyway, right?
4:)The longer that my parents live on the other side of the states, I want to move there.  I want to be near them and my brother, but, I do not have the heart to move my husband away from his family *(and he would fight me to the death to not move to the desert)
5:) I am named after my aunt (my mother's sister) who was named after a made up girl in a little story known as Peter Pan.  I am Wendie!
6:) I want to play the piano in a concert hall and not mess the music up.  I'm a nervous player even though I've been playing for 30 years, but, I would never tell my students that!
7:) I want to have enough money when we retire to continue on our "road trips" that started our romance 11 years ago.......

Friday, April 1, 2011

Screw YOU clothes designers :(

I am not skinny. In fact, I cherish my squishy arms that my children use for pillows and my squishy belly that they rest their heads on when we're stretched out on the couch. My muffin top gives me character (a quite tasty personality that sometimes needs to be taken with a grain of salt!) And with my chest size, I'm a friggin' plus sized, red headed step child of Barbie!  I have been out of high school for 20 years now (still no interest in going to the reunion, BTW) and have been a 12 for all those years. That's the same size I wore to the prom, my 27 dresses, my wedding gown, and through 2 butterball children. In fact, after #1 butterball, I put my prom gown on for Halloween and it fit perfectly still!!
So, WHY??? Why, Vera Wang?? Why, Lauren Conrad? Why, everyone who designs for Kohls? Why do you have to make me feel like a fat cow all of a sudden?? My clothes are all the same. I just wanted something nice and new for a girls night out and you shamed me to a 16 for a day!! WTF???
I get it. I was bloated for the day. But did I bloat 2 full sizes? That's some major water retention that should be held in a Guiness Record book or something. It's been a week since my clothes store visit and went out with my mom today. Guess what? I'm a 12. Atleast A.N.A designers think so! 
So, here I am ranting about shopping at my favorite store that shouldn't be my favorite store anymore I suppose since their designers hate me so much.  They do have cute shoes though..........That's where the designers would start to hate me.  The one downside to butterball 1 and 2 is that 1 foot grew.  I need 2 different shoes!  WHooPS!

Hopping THis Weekend


Copper Brick Road

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Check out Odd Jobs Momma

I posted a new entry this morning that I would like you to check out if you're looking to make a couple of fun $$.
Go to

Will either be slow on posts this week or blogging like crazy because my momma is landing soon and I have to kick it to JFK soon. When she's out with her homies is probably when I'll have some time as she steals my car out from underneath me!
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

CAll THe PRESS I am Staying AWAke and Going OUt TonigHT!!

I made a new friend yesterday. I don't know her name. I'll probably never see her again. But, for 10 minutes yesterday I had a temporary best friend. I was at Kohl's all giddy about the fact that I'm going out dancing with my girlfriend. I wanted something new to wear since I had some gift cards from Christmas that I hadn't spent yet. I'm hanging out in the Vera Wang section (trying to look like I know what's fashionable) and I asked this woman if a pair of pants and shirt went together. She laughed, said yes and started pointing out all the other things that would match. We started laughing and chatting and by the time it was over, we were both commiserating on being moms that just don't go out and don't get dressed and where the stains were on the clothes that we were wearing at that moment! I liked her.
If anyone hears a story from one of their girlfriends about her shopping experience at the Ronkonkoma Kohl's, tell her where to find me. I have to thank her still for pointing me in the direction of the Candie's tank top that hid all the right stuff and showed off the right stuff (OH! HEllo Ladies! Spring is here - time to get dusted off and get our demi cups ready!)
This morning, I patiently waited until 10 AM to start texting my girlfriend about what she was wearing. From my past experience with her, she probably just got to bed a few hours before that and I'm waking her ass up with ridiculous questions. "What are you wearing? I'm thinking all black. Bought new shoes, but will probably return them. Can I come over early so I don't fall asleep on my couch waiting for you?"
She actually answered all my questions and didn't YELL at me in the responses. So, I will feed my minions this evening, put some big girl makeup on (already got my hair did) dress in black and go dancing!
I'm not even drinking tonight but i know I'm going to be "dancing queened" hung over tomorrow and we have a bouncy house birthday party tomorrow to remind me about why I am not a dirty stay out anymore.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh, and a P.S.S.

Back in Business
You know, this happened to me once before. I decided that if it was meant to be, I would make my quota and keep my Tastefully Simple Business. So, when I was almost out at the end of the last quarter, the holidays happened and I made the quota. Last week, I was no where near meeting that sales quota, hence, last Saturday's post.
Well, wouldn't you know. I woke up Sunday morning with over $250 of online sales while I was sleeping - I have to wonder now if I'm supposed to be going on with this for a reason.
I posted on my TS website that I donate a portion of my sales to Schneider CHildren's Hospital because they saved my son's life. Maybe it's my mission to keep going with that. It's an answer that I like!

Friday, Friday

Ahh - it's been a week!! Happy that my son did not have appendicitis, not happy that we had to go through the ordeal. We did get to spend quality time together and that is a plus to the whole experience.
Tomorrow night I am going out. I actually sent an "event" invitation on Facebook to some of my friends. My girlfriends know me all too well - the fact that I am leaving the house is A.) A Miracle and B.) an event.
My high school girlfriend contacted me a month ago to clear the date to go out (if we get to see each other once a year, that in itself is an event) so, since we're going to a local place that is a lot of fun, I thought that it would be fun for my girls to know that I would be awake past bedtime, with makeup on (actually getting my hair done tomorrow so I feel pretty) .
It's springtime, so I think it's time to chop the locks off. I still need to have ponytail length hair, but, something lighter and fluffier. My hair has been through the ringer lately (yet another post for another day) and I want to clean it up a bit. My birthday is in a few weeks, so, I'll be used to styling it by then! My mother bought me a new makeup kit for Christmas, and now I'll be able to open it. Maybe even paint my nails tonight! Too bad my husband isn't coming out. It's a shame to look as good as I am going to and not have him on my arm (Sarcasm doesn't come across very well in cyberland)
I think I'll take before and after pics(LOL!) Then you'll have an actual updated pic of the face behind the words (most pics I used of me have been from 6 years ago except me and my momma at the bottom of this page)

I added a new post to my Odd Jobs Momma site this morning. It's about a new passion of mine that I have been able to make a few dollars off of. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I'm doing a lot of research still before I start doing some internet job postings.
It's all about passion ladies. I'm passionate about making money and convincing myself that I want to stay awake to go out dancing when I would normally be closing my eyes!
Happy Weekend!
PS - This weekend, I will be catching up with all my following!! Sorry, it's been a crazy week, and I have lots of messages and follows to return - I will get there!!!! Please don't think me rude!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Day That Was Yesterday

Big little was not well on Sunday. He was vomiting every 25 - 30 minutes like clockwork. When he finally fell asleep, he was able to extend it to every hour. We got some sleep between 4:30 -6AM. Then when he woke up, he proceeded down the same 1 hour path and started compaining about his right side hurting. (uh-oh)
I turned into "one of those moms" yesterday morning. I went to the doctor's office before there were any doctors there (the upside to that, I used to work there, so, I kinda took advantage of that) and wanted to make sure that he wasn't completely dehydrated like he was 3 weeks ago and try to avoid the hospital. This time around he had no fever, so I figured the pain on his side was from such painful, persistant vomiting. Well, the docs did not like this at all. OFF to the ER we went (which was about the only thing that made this kid smile because he wants to be a doctor when he grows up and "liked" being there 3 weeks ago with his own private room and a TV that he didn't have to share with his brother!) - I believe the previous statement is not true anymore after you hear the rest of this story.
So, triage and waiting. Waiting and then finally getting into a bed. The docs come in. Eh - he looks a little dehydrated. Here's a zofran (anti-nausea meds) and get him to drink 8 oz then you can go home. No pain. No discomfort. Holds down his liquids and now we're waiting for his discharge papers.
Within 5 minutes, big little starts looking a little flushed. I ask the doc to take his temp - 99.5. Mind you, when we got there, his undert he tongue temp was 96 so a 3.5 degree in temp that makes him sweat and look flushed is significant to me. Don't tell me, I know my kid. Doc says, eh, body temp changes all day.
3 minutes later, the pain is back. NOW the docs are concerned. This was the reason that we were sent in the first place. He's finally showing the symptoms that concerned the pediatricians. I'm not a crazy mother.
Here comes 2 docs and 2 nurses and they are all about him now. Fortuneately, when they are ready for blood work, they had already numbed his elbows. Unfortuneately, he still felt everything. That IV needle killed him all day no matter what I said to the nurses. But they had a good vein and they were getting blood and pushing fluids. I just tried to keep him as calm as possible. After the blood draw, he started drinking the CT drink (poor baby) mixed with apple juice. Thank goodness he hates apple juice as it is so it didn't ruin anything for him. The sweetness helped though since he was able to take about 2/3 of it by the time we would have to go for that test.
We were taken down for ultrasound first. They explained to me that they were trying to spare him the radiation of the CT by doing this first, but, instead, all I saw was a little boy that wrythed in pain everytime the tech pressed down. I saw the pain on her face too as she explained that she was a mommy too and was doing her best to go as fast as she could to spare him any more pain. When the test was done, she gave him a Kung Zhu pet to which he didn't say "thank you" but instead in the weakest little voice, "Do you have one for my brother too?" Bestest little boy on the planet!
I thanked her for him.
When we got back to the PEDS ER, our room was given away. WHAT?!?
We were only gone for 40 minutes. I saw plenty of other kids come and go without losing their rooms. So we're sitting in the hallway. Poor baby is starving and all I want him to do is get some rest. He's crying. Crying! My cell phone wouldn't work for you tube or hulu. NOTHING> COME ON! He needed something to distract him! What do I do?? Tell him the worst bedtime story EVER. STAR WARS EPISODE III. He's not allowed to watch it,so, I decided that I would tell him all about it in the sweetest voice I could while stroking his hair. He was unconscience by the time I got to the best part!! (atleast I still have it in me to tell a bedtime story!!)
He was asleep for about a 1/2 hour when they were ready to take us to CT. They kept talking to him and I kept telling him that he was sleeping with his eyes open. Creepy!! He slept through the whole thing and woke up as we were getting him back on his stretcher. Then the hysterics started again. I just wanted to crawl up on that gurney with him and hug him and tell him we were going home.
My thumbs hurt at this point from all the texting that I was doing. I could NOT calm him down. He was unconsolable. It took everything I had not to start crying too. If he had appendicitis, how was I going to tell him that we were staying and he still couldn't eat??
THen, my face turned white. It had been about 1/2 hour since we were put back in the hall (???WTF???) and waited for results. The doc and intern now come towards me together - I hadn't seen the 2 of them together all day. They had to double team me to tell me that he had a virus and his pain was just that. pain. Probably sore from all the vomiting. REALLY??? Do you have to approach me like that as relieved as I am?????
Holy Crap!
Give us our friggin walking papers so I can get this kid fed! (But put it on the nurse to tell him that he couldn't have Wendy's until Tuesday)
I also had a small amount of saltines stashed in my pocketbook which lit up his face completely.
Then we went home. My husband came home early, picked up the littlest guy from his fun day at Grandma's, bought me some pizza and then I went to bed.
10 hours of sleep last night. Not enough, but sufficient.
Keeping big little home today to get some food in him, though, you would never know in a million years where his day was spent yesterday. Love the docs and nurses for taking care of him the way they did. Hated being in the hallway to take care of him. But who cares. No surgery. He's home with us the way it should be.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big little is Sick :(

3 weeks ago I had my 6 year old in the hospital for dehydration. It was a weird week of wheezing and coughing and ear pain and it turned into vomiting every 45 minutes for what seemed like an eternity!! A random fever was thrown in there, but, the problem is, is that this kid doesn't complain. That's where we worry about him.
He's got no fever now and he's been throwing up consistently every 25 minutes since 10 AM. (actually, he's been unconscience for the past hour so that doesn't count) My husband is a nervous wreck that we're going to end up back at the hospital if this doesn't let up. Big little wants to go back to the hospital because he likes it there. He liked watching them put the IV in his arm (kinda helped I suppose that he had that numbing cream all over him which has started a riot for my 30y.o. SIL that hates needles!!) He is so sweet and stinky at the same time!
eewww - stinky, BTW is my 4 y.o. little that it a farting machine and is doing everything in his power to not go to the bathroom. I love this age.
My littles usually have to poop at the same time. In the morning. After my husband has left. Before the bus comes. My house smells like a cesspool. The two of them not wanting to go, farting like crazy and then bolting to the bathroom at the last possible second that becomes a yelling match about who has to go worse! UGH> I live with boys.

SO, fingers crossed that my sleeping boy is working on being better. THis sucks and I hope that he ignores everything I ever taught him and doesn't share this.
Guess we'll all find out soon........