Friday, April 29, 2011


Well, actually, I reached 100 like 2 weeks ago. So, to celebrate, I asked my 100th follower to do a guest post for me and I think you're going to lover her! DG tells it like it is and doesn't care what you think. I like the way she thinks! Her blog, Diary of a Mad Bathroom, is beyond real and funny. Give her a read and then DEFINATELY give her a follow!

Oh, hi there! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is DG and I have a blog called Diary of a Mad Bathroom. And while I know that we just met, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – nobody ever asks me to guest post. Shocking, right? In spite of my long and spectacularly lackluster blogging career I have only ever been asked to guest post once before. So this makes today’s guest post, over here at Thoughts From This Mom, number TWO! Thanks to Wendie for taking a chance on an unknown kid!
Occasionally, I wonder what it is about me that would prevent these invitations from being extended. I have opened up my blog to many guest posters over the 2.5 years of my blog’s existence, offering them a platform to share their thoughts on cranky teenagers, abysmal family car trips other real life delights.
Now, I could talk myself into thinking that my lack of invitation is due to my fabulosity being far too intimidating for the average blogger and that they simply can’t handle this jelly, but that would be a ridiculous notion, even for someone as delusional as me. I could also surmise that I am probably not a good fit for most “Mommy Blogs” because my acid tongue and potty mouth could scare the fish away. Or maybe I just suck. I mean, I do write about knotted cat anuses and an obsessive love for Bobby Flay pottery. Not everyone’s cup of tea.
You would think that having all of this non-guest-posting time on my hands would allow me the opportunity to build an arsenal of guest posts, just waiting to be unleashed on a new reading public, but no, that would be far too practical and optimistic for me. So, what ends up happening when I finally get my big invite – I am suffering in the suffocating in the claustrophobic grip of my worst dry spell, ever. Yes, the inevitable appearance of the heinous three headed monster known as writer’s block has taken up residence in my castle. Sweet timing, huh? It’s a helpless feeling, like when the UPS man shows up with an important package that requires your signature and you are trapped on the toilet suffering the vengeance of a 7-11 bean burrito.
So what can I do to offer you some sort of evidence that I was possibly worthy of this invite? Do what any sidelined athlete or washed up Hollywood hag would do – go to my highlights reel. Here are a few of my favorite posts from days gone by. Have fun and please do stop by my place. Although I haven’t posted since April 15th, I am working hard to clear my mental constipation.
Oh, and I was wondering. . . do they make prune juice for the brain? Because right now, my cranium is more backed up than a geriatric on an all rice and cheese diet. Any suggestions would be welcome as this brain cramp is killing me.


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Congrats on breaking 100! :)

*waves to DG*

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

*DG waves back* and realizes that there is a typo in her post. Dang!

The Empress said...

"... that my lack of invitation is due to my fabulosity being far too intimidating for the average blogger and that they simply can’t handle this jelly.."

You're so aweSOME that I'm skeert to ask.

DG at Diary of a Mad Bathroom said...

Empress - Allow me to quote Cher Horowitz when I say "As if!".

Linda Medrano said...

Oh DG, just write something! I don't even care what it is! I always love whatever you do so don't stress about it.

And congratulations on 100, Wendy! I just made it 101!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

DG, You are always Awesome! I never ask anyone to guest post because I figure who would want to be featured on my crappy little blog. You are welcome to embarrass yourself by being associated with me any time you like. Just barge on in, don't have to wait for an invite. But it's BYOBPJ.

Lexie Lane said...

Hi Wendie! Congrats! And I also wanted to say thanks! Thanks for all your contribution towards voiceBoks. You've been really great. As far as prune juice for the cranium... I COMPLETELY understand!

Lexie Lane

linlah said...

DG your backed up cranium is just as wordy and wonderful as your regular one. You got the gift.

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