Saturday, June 4, 2011

From Riverhead to NYC!!

Can't wait to share tomorrow what I'm doing today.  It's GIRL'S DAY in the CITY!!  So happy to be spending the day with lots of my favorite ladies, taking in a Broadway show and having a fantastic dinner.  Wait 'til you hear the details tomorrow (if allowed, I'll post some pics too - they can get a little out of hand......)


Kirsten said...

Is that time correct .. were you really posting this at 4am ? Aren't you suppose to have been sleeping for your fun filled day in the city? Can not wait to hear about your day!
Hope you are enjoying your self ;)


Kelly L said...

I'll be in NYC this summer from Calif. - can't wait!
Looking forward to seeing the pics.
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Lexie Lane said...

Awww... Hope you take lots of pictures!

Rosann said...

Nice! Hope you had a great time!! :)


Joyce Lansky said...

Sounds like the kind of fun one can only have in NYC. Hope it was great!


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