Monday, June 27, 2011


Ahh, summer has officially begun.  School is finished.  Piles of papers from my son's desk are strewn all about.  Can't wait to throw THAT all away!!  Officially a second grader, I'm so excited for him.  I think I may be the odd mom out on this one that I am excited to see my children move forward.  My littlest one is starting pre-k and I couldn't be prouder.  Not nostalgic.  Maybe that'll change in 3 months when I drop him off in his classroom, but not now! 
The past month has completely flown by.  I have no idea where June went.  I thought we could slow down this week, but that's not happening either!  I suddenly am feeling pretty popular and that's not too shabby.  Pool party today, possibly tomorrow.  Sprinkler date on Wednesday and another pool date on Thursday (although, she doesn't have a heated pool and I'm spoiled so I won't be going in that one!!)  Then it's 4th of July weekend!! 
We have a whole weekend of family time that I am SO looking forward to.  I have planned ahead with my cake baking so it shouldn't disrupt family time.  We'll be seeing lots of friends.  Now it's another 8 days of go go go!!!  I love it!
Here's to a fun filled summer! 
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