Saturday, March 26, 2011

CAll THe PRESS I am Staying AWAke and Going OUt TonigHT!!

I made a new friend yesterday. I don't know her name. I'll probably never see her again. But, for 10 minutes yesterday I had a temporary best friend. I was at Kohl's all giddy about the fact that I'm going out dancing with my girlfriend. I wanted something new to wear since I had some gift cards from Christmas that I hadn't spent yet. I'm hanging out in the Vera Wang section (trying to look like I know what's fashionable) and I asked this woman if a pair of pants and shirt went together. She laughed, said yes and started pointing out all the other things that would match. We started laughing and chatting and by the time it was over, we were both commiserating on being moms that just don't go out and don't get dressed and where the stains were on the clothes that we were wearing at that moment! I liked her.
If anyone hears a story from one of their girlfriends about her shopping experience at the Ronkonkoma Kohl's, tell her where to find me. I have to thank her still for pointing me in the direction of the Candie's tank top that hid all the right stuff and showed off the right stuff (OH! HEllo Ladies! Spring is here - time to get dusted off and get our demi cups ready!)
This morning, I patiently waited until 10 AM to start texting my girlfriend about what she was wearing. From my past experience with her, she probably just got to bed a few hours before that and I'm waking her ass up with ridiculous questions. "What are you wearing? I'm thinking all black. Bought new shoes, but will probably return them. Can I come over early so I don't fall asleep on my couch waiting for you?"
She actually answered all my questions and didn't YELL at me in the responses. So, I will feed my minions this evening, put some big girl makeup on (already got my hair did) dress in black and go dancing!
I'm not even drinking tonight but i know I'm going to be "dancing queened" hung over tomorrow and we have a bouncy house birthday party tomorrow to remind me about why I am not a dirty stay out anymore.


I AM Curly Locks said...

Love it, I have so many experiences like this when I actually do get to go out of the house with my little one....Kohl's is awesome....

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Peace and Love,

Najeema Iman,I AM Curly Locks

Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Have fun! :)

Emily said...

Oh, I love the night out get aways! Hope it was a blast!

Hungrigyrl said...

Hope you had fun on your GNO! I'm a late follower from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop!

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