Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rhinestone Cowboy

It was really kinda a trippy day yesterday.  Got the kids off to school like normal and then it got weird.  Yesterday and today I am on a mission to get a zillion things done because tomorrow I am having a giant hole dug in my back because of a displastic biopsy on a mole (if you haven't gone to a dermatologist lately, please make your appointment now)  So, there is going to be a hole in my back with 3 - 4 stitches (bleh) and I know that I am not going to be in the mood for anything tomorrow.  I have 2 cake orders due on Saturday, a PTA dinner, religion class and karate to all take care of in the following 72 hours.  Again, bleh.
So, back to the point of my story.  First, I ran to staples and was greeted by an over zealous geek.  I mean, really over zealous.  Like your job much?
I found what I was looking for and go to the register, which over zealous dude is the only one doing checkouts.  He starts asking me in every thesaurus way how I am doing?  Was the original question when I came in the door not enough??  I don't think anyone else was in the store when I was there.  Are you desperate for conversation??  When I tell him I'm fine and paying with debit, he then proceeds to tell me to take extra out to give him for his college fund.  BITE ME!!
1 notebook planner.  that is all.  give it to me and leave me the fuck alone.

NEXT, I went next door to Micheal's craft store.  Just needed a few cake things and candy was on sale.  Crap candy, but, the Sunday paper didn't say that.  Whilst roaming the store, I started listening to the music and it actually took me a while to realize that i was humming along to the friggin "RHINESTONE COWBOY"  (if you don't know that song, then I definately just revealed my age - which BTW - my birthday is next week and the celebrating starts friday!!)
After that and my epiphony that I was old and appalled that I still knew the words, Madonna's "Crazy for you" came on and still knew all the words (no, I am not wandering the aisles of Michael's so I can listen to the songs)  and I'm ready to get outta there!!
Go the the register and "how to save a life" comes on.  THANK GOD.  A normal song that I can get stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Whoever hired this DJ needs to make sure his credentials weren't written in with pencil.  REally?  Is that how you play "genre" music??
Onto ULTA for their crappy sale as well - went with coupons and all set and they really meant "while supplies last" in the paper.  Holy crap it was crap.  Well,  i just saved myself $10.  Walked out with mascara for next to nothing and it still made me happy.
HMmmm, where to next?  AHh, the grocery store.  Now I was going here with a mission.  I have my religion class bringing some food to donate to the church for Easter dinners.  So, I went with all intentions of buying lots of store brand items - canned fruit and vegetables - because you can get a lot more per dollar.  Well, I couldn't believe the quality of the items that I wanted to buy.  The cans had rust on them and yet the date was stamped for next year.  That was disgusting and no one deserves that!!  So, I wasn't able to buy as much as I wanted to yesterday, but, we have enough for atleast 2 families!!
On may way home, in a double turning lane, someone decided to take an extra wide turn into my lane because she was chatting on her phone and she shoots me the "o well, F U" look.  UGH!
Drop the food off, almost forgot to bring the little person's pop-tart for his post-class snack.  (the last time I forgot his pop tart was apocolyptic!)
Head to the eyeglass store to get my new eyeglasses adjusted because they were just DIGGING into the back of my head like nobody's business and I was ready to kill someone.  The guy looks behind my ear and says - and I quote - "humph!"
Thanks eyeglass dude for your thoughtful insight.  Now do an adjustment and get my glasses back to me so I can get my kid.
Does my day stop there?? NO!! IT's only noon!!  Actually, the next couple of hours were quite nice.  Spend some snuggle time with the little one, did some laundry, cleaning, went through the mail.  Started piano lessons for the day which, for the most part, went quite smoothly.  Until the last student. 
Ever have one of those "oh God not now!!" moments??  Your stomach starts churning.  You feel the gas bubbles bubbling away like a whirlpool??  I tried adjusting the way I sat.  Inconspicuousley (?) unbottoned my top button of my pants and couldn't wait for the last 15 minutes of the lesson to be over!! 
Now it's 6:00 - nothing is prepared for dinner and I am wrapped up on the couch in a cold sweat, praying to god that I don't throw up.  WHen is my husband going to call???  Big little man keeps bringing me crackers in between WII games.  Little little man just wants to hug me and gives me his favoritist little stuffed animal to make me feel better!!  6:45 husband finally comes home.  7PM lights out to 6 this morning. 
I figured it out though.  After everything that I was trying to get done yesterday and everything for today that has to get done before the hole in the back (remember that from the beginning of this long winded story??) - that's what was sending my stomach into overdrive.  I can't stand it!  My head is always clear, but, my body does this stuff to me that is inexplicable and terribly annoying!
Well, if there's anything I figured out, it was 1)I have no idea is someone is flirting with me anymore 2)I still know the songs from my childhood 3)my kids really care (even if the care does become wii games!!)
Life is Good.
I'll let you all know tomorrow how the hell went!
Go to the dermatologist!


Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

HUGS. I hope the biopsy goes well.

mombo880 said...

Good luck at the derm. Love following your blog, so I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Hope it at least puts a smile on your face :) You can get the linky thing at

Tenetia said...

oh man, what a day!!! at least you got to get out of the house and do some shopping! my days usually consist of that craziness without ever leaving the house!!!

hope things go well for you at the derms office today! and happy early birthday!

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