Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello? Is this thing on?

Monday was my birthday. It was a fantastic day that I spent with my boys - no yelling and no arguing.  It was heaven.  Husband came home early and took me out to dinner while my aunt watched the boys for an hour.  Stuffed to the gills with cheeeeeese!  (We had mexican!)  Bought myself an ice cream cake and shared it with the boys.  Over all it was an extremely pleasant day.  It was quiet. 
So was the phone. 
That's the weird one.  My mom called in the morning.  My aunt called to make babysitting arrangements and my grandfather called because I told him to on Sunday!
That was all. 
Then I was on FaceBook.  Facebook is now the new communications system.  (Now listen carefully to this next part - I am GRATEFUL for all the WONDERFUL birthday wishes that were sent my way - this is just a realization that I came across and not a complaint!!!!)
I received over 100 birthday wishes on Facebook.  It was great - kept getting lots and lots of notifications and thought it was so sweet.  I send birthday messages all the time too!  Friends and family.  It's easy!
But, my phone only rang 3 times.  all day.  That's never happened before.  Not that my phone rings off the hook, but, I think now what everyone does is send a message and be done for the day.  I have made a decision regarding this.  If I have a phone number for the person that's being celebrated for the day - I'm making a phone call.  I am the type of person that loves to know that someone is thinking of them.  So, I am going to make every effort from now on to make my thoughts vocal to loved ones that I am thinking of them beyond the computer and texting.  It's like getting a hand written letter (remember those??)  I still insist on handwriting my Christmas cards even though there's more than I can count to take care of.  That's called planning!  So, to make the one call, even if I get an answering machine (or voice mail), I know that I made my voice heard and that I care. 
Again, NOT complaining here.  Just an observation and a new direction for me!  I love getting my facebook messages.
And I started today with a phone call to a friend......

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Jennilee said...

First of all, Happy Birthday!! Second, the same thing has started happening to me on my b-day... even my sister just sent a FB message this year instead of calling!!! I made sure a couple months later I called her on the phone to say happy b-day when it was her day...

I wouldn't take it the wrong way, it is just the way society is changing... I don't think it is for the best though :-(

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