Sunday, May 15, 2011

Still catching up.........

This weekend was not as catch-up worthy as I wanted it to be.  I had some fun.  My cup runneth over but,  my plate is too full!!  Friday night I had the opportunity to go to the movies with my girlfriends.  That was a lovely night out.  Then, by the time I got to bed, my littlest person started crouping.  What child croups in May??  He was barking for an hour!! 
Finally, around midnight, I was able to start drifting.  3AM rolls around and he's calling out for us.  He wet the bed.  WHAT??  SO, that means we clean him up, change his clothes and let him come sleep next to me.  My husband still gets all the room in the world to sleep, but, my little person has to climb back into the womb when he lays next to me.  We have a stinking king sized bed and I'm the one hanging off the edge.  By 6AM the big little is awake and all hell starts breaking loose.  COME ON!!  Why do they do that??  Why must they wake this early.  We have room darkening shades in their room.  Their room is black!!!!  I can't stand it.  After that night, I was just miserable. 
So, I went to see my chiropractor first thing after finally getting motivated.  There's the upside to my day.  I love her.  She's an awesome friend. 
Saturday was a strange day.  My SIL's husband's best friend, Jimmy, is involved in what he's calling 52 Missions.  One mission each week for 52 weeks of stuff that he has never done before.  So, I was teaching him to play the piano and then teach him to play a song.  We spent 4 hours on and off doing that yesterday (my children suckered him into a few games of LEGO Star Wars - although, I don't think they had to try too hard - he's a Star Wars and Video Game junkie as it is-in between learning new notes)
The afternoon disappeared a bit.  I put off making the cake until this morning because I was worried about the cake's integrity in the swampy weather. 
Husband and I watched Scott Pilgrim VS the World last night - amazing how I stayed awake for it - it really held my attention.  Finally, a movie that was totally different.
This morning, I set out to put the cake together.  The whipped cream stayed the consistency of cream no matter what I did.  It was stinking ridiculous.  When the executive decision to make a buttercream instead came about, that also threw a wrench in the works because I didn't have enough powdered sugar. 
AHHHH!! Right down to the last second was I putting this cake together.  I wanted to add a starburst to it (it was a cake for a boy so I wanted to pass on flowers) and the buttercream was turning into cream itself and blah blah blah.  To make this long story slightly shorter, the cake was delivered.  I am kicking myself about it.  There is always so much to change after the fact.  I wish I had done the fondant.  I wish I had figured the name differently.  I wish it wasn't 1000% humidity.
Ah well.  Hubbs and I are going out to dinner tonight.  We'll see how that goes........


mominrome said...

I hope you had a great dinner!!!
love romantic little restaurant evenings!! :)

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