Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thinking Spring!

Let me paint a picture for you. My home is on a corner lot. SO, the property is very long. I have side yards as opposed to a backyard.
My kitchen window faces out of the back of my house at which point I see my loverly neighbors yard. They really are a nice old Italian couple, retired and old school. And when I say old school, my friends always get the post of when it is "tighty whitey and wife beater day"! In other words, atleast once a week, the wifey there hangs out all their underwear - tighty whiteys, wife beaters, moo moos, and extra large brazirres!
Okay, so with that said, I have already planted Arborvitae in what little space I have to. They really are nice, but, well, enough!'

so, back to the side yard. There is no shade. And in the warm months when I'm not worried about the pot smoking neighbor (scroll down for that post) I need help. This is a completely barren piece of land that the kids are going to be playing on. I have an elctircal pole in the corner of the property that a large tree would provide the perfect shade for my patio. so, that's out of the question due to the fact that I want electricity in my house.
I'm now a very good designer. My whole house is bland except for my dining room that I proudly painted "chianti" and I love it!!
How many umbrellas in a yard is too many? If they match, does it make it okay? I have a beautiful patio set that we purchased last year and have a great market umbrella for it that will be great for me when I'm finally reading again this summer while the children play. Do I just loob the kids up with SPF 900 and call it a day? (BTW, I do have the whitest children on the planet - they take after their mother - see pics at bottom of page!) I try to get in the sun with SPF and just end up freckling and it looks tan!
Another tangent for another day! That's this mornings ramblings. I have a lot to say today because I kept pretty quiet yesterday - wll not really - I have to give a lent update in a little while - HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
THe rain is going to clear out soon and I still need to get my corned beef - so slow in getting my IRISH on this year - Really gotta work on this!


Kimberly Mengshoel said...

Send me a pic of the clothes line, from the angle that bothers you most. As well as pics of your side yards from the street. I´ll send you landscape design suggestions, asking for nothing in return:)

Kimberly (designer)

~Wendie said...

YOu're amazing! THat just made my day!! Thank you so much!!!

Julie Gatherum-McGuire said...

You are adorable! This post made laugh! You must enjoy life....thanks for sharing your observations.


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