Friday, March 11, 2011

TGI....WAIT!! What the....

How did it get to be Friday already?? I mean seriously, i am not complaining, but, WOW!! It's Friday already!
This week was a whirlwind but I guess in a good way.
And this weekend proves to be lots of fun as well. I may need some suggestions from you Star Wars fans out there. My son has a variety show at school and he and his friend want to act out a lightsaber scene. THen he comes home from school yesterday and 3 more boys want in on the act (this is a bunch of first graders, mind you!!)
The school is not allowing solo acts (WTH??) So, this group is now growing and there are going to be a lot of dads (and this mom in particular) that know a lot about the star wars and fortuneately, the little people already know who they want to be, it's a matter of how the act is going to go on!!
We have: The Emporer, Darth Vader, Annakin (yes, yes, I know!! - they are in first grade, remember?) Obi Won and Luke. This is just for the audition!! We have less than 2 weeks to get this figured out!!
My nephew is turning 12 this weekend and that means a poker tournament after the birthday party at his house. We definately don't get to see my husband's sisters enough!! Good times....good times.
Dayight savings is this weekend - that means that the little guy might actually let me sleep past 6 AM for the first time in 4 years.....wishful thinking - I'm a glass half full type of girl!
Well, Happy Friday - may your weekend be full of all the happy little things in life!
PS - Lent update - Have caught myself a few times - raised my voice, but have not yelled, yet. The lasers did start to warm up last night during homework debates, but, they were quickly cooled off. Only 38 more days to go!!

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Anonymous said...

I think with the variety show that you just have to let them do what they are gonna do. It's the first grade & noone expects accuracy when it comes to Star Wars. Make sure they are dressed as their characters & reitterate to them that no one gets hit with a light saber. They can swing them, but no one intentionally gets hit because the last thing you want is someone crying on stage. Make sure each one shouts out a memorable line, like "may the force be with you" and "I am your father" etc.... and I am sure the audience will give them a standing ovation. They are gonna be adorable no matter what! Please take some pics & post them from this. Or take your Flip camera & film it. Really want to see how this turns out.


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