Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patty's Day festivites start this evening

Well, atleast in my head they do. It's my nephew's 12th birthday tomorrow but we're celebrating this evening with beer and poker (mind you, the little people will be in another room for the most part - we're still working on WAR and Go FISH with them!)
Tomorrow is a parade in Ronkonkoma. The kiddos have not been to one of those yet and the weather should be perfect!
I cancelled religion class this Thursday so I don't have a whole bunch of first graders complaining about the smell in my house. THey can complain to their own mothers about the smell in their own houses. I have enough complaining from Frick and Frack.
Lent update, BTW - realized this morning that I yelled at the 6yo yesterday. Kind of necessary when the sweaty little thing comes off the bus with only a t-shirt and a backpack. WT??? After the fact, I realized I kept yelling before he got off the bus "WHERE'S YOUR COAT????" Does it count that I wanted him to stop and look back on the bus for it??? But as he kept running to me to tell me the answer (and I kept getting angrier in the moment because all I could think about was having to chase down the bus) he finally got to me to tell me that his shirt and coat were in the backpack. He had the shirt off at school and then put the coat in the backpack on the bus because that was what every one else was doing. "if your friends jumped off the brooklyn bridge"....... my nana is ringing in my head.............
I pressed the reset button in my head this morning.
Happy Saturday!

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