Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Big little is Sick :(

3 weeks ago I had my 6 year old in the hospital for dehydration. It was a weird week of wheezing and coughing and ear pain and it turned into vomiting every 45 minutes for what seemed like an eternity!! A random fever was thrown in there, but, the problem is, is that this kid doesn't complain. That's where we worry about him.
He's got no fever now and he's been throwing up consistently every 25 minutes since 10 AM. (actually, he's been unconscience for the past hour so that doesn't count) My husband is a nervous wreck that we're going to end up back at the hospital if this doesn't let up. Big little wants to go back to the hospital because he likes it there. He liked watching them put the IV in his arm (kinda helped I suppose that he had that numbing cream all over him which has started a riot for my 30y.o. SIL that hates needles!!) He is so sweet and stinky at the same time!
eewww - stinky, BTW is my 4 y.o. little that it a farting machine and is doing everything in his power to not go to the bathroom. I love this age.
My littles usually have to poop at the same time. In the morning. After my husband has left. Before the bus comes. My house smells like a cesspool. The two of them not wanting to go, farting like crazy and then bolting to the bathroom at the last possible second that becomes a yelling match about who has to go worse! UGH> I live with boys.

SO, fingers crossed that my sleeping boy is working on being better. THis sucks and I hope that he ignores everything I ever taught him and doesn't share this.
Guess we'll all find out soon........


Sharde said...

i just found your blog today- i love it! i hope youre having a great day!

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Samantha Sotto-Yambao said...

Oh no. I hope Big Little feels better soon. It's so hard when kiddos are sick. :(

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