Sunday, March 13, 2011

Taming the savage mommy

Well, if there was ever a way to turn today around, it would be finger paints and pandora celtic music!
Wow! THe boys (well the big one did, little one had to have one too) made Leprechaun traps today for school. Finger paints and smiles were had all around - little man had more fun on the step stool to wash his hands in the kitchen sink than he did painting!
I turned up the pandora and little man starts telling me how much daddy loves rock n roll. I proceed to tell him that in 2 attemps already, Mommy has not gotten her irish on yet. So, for 4 more days, Pandora shall be blastin' and my laddies shall enjoy or, well, there is no or. They should get used to their heritage now and their crazy irish families too. Very sad that I could not go to the parade today (that's another post for another day) but, there's a lot of people posting pics on facebook. I'll take it.
Get yer irish on folks!

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LaurDoone said...

LOVE the leprechaun traps, we did that with my stepson several years ago (he's 11 now). I'm just hoping to actually have a beer this St. Patrick's Day. Need to get my Irish on! Slainte to you!

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