Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Part Deux!!

So, Round 2 begins today. We only eat corned beef once a year, so, I decided that we needed to have it again.. This time with a little bit of leftovers for my father in law and some for my 4th mouth to feed A.K.A - husband's best friend. I actually try to plan some menus around him. And since I know that he doesn't read my blog, I can openly say that!
So, tonight, we get to relax, kick back and have my corned beef with my mexican cerveza w/lime. Yum!!
I believe that my fridge is slowly kicking the bucket. If the finances were there, I would pull the plug (literally) on the old girl and let her go in peace. But, I'm too concentrated on finishing off paying off the bills and getting on a budget. This is not allowed at this time. So, that ticking time bomb has to just keep ticking right now even as the noise grates on my every nerve!! Then the neighbor's kid is supposed to be here a little later and who knows what kind of mood I'll be in with 2 more hours of this god-awful noise. When I try to shut the sucker up, it rattles like it's revving an engine at me - like Old Yeller dying.
Small children in my home now don't know that we're getting temporary company so I have asked them to quietly watch a movie and now another battle has erupted and all the noise, Noise NOise NOISE!!!!!
AHHH< st.patty's day part deux - you cannot start soon enough.

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Christina said...

Good luck with your fridge! LOL

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