Sunday, March 13, 2011


Okay - maybe not that bad. Wanted to start St. Patty's Day last night - didn't happen. Had one beer and was completely annoyed with the littlest person who decided to attach himself to my hip for 2 hours because of a little yappy dog. Of course, when I had had enough and wanted to go home, he starts crying that he wants to stay and play with the dog. COME ON!!!
Although, my mother in law made me sit down to my sis in law piano and I put on a mini concert - that was kind of fun. Haven't done that in a long time. Felt good!
I then sent my husband back to his sister's house for a round of poker - which I think he then forgot about losing an hour's sleep because I am about to wake his "dirty stay out" ass up!!
I have a cool recipe to post later (atleast I think it's cool - I'm going to taste it before I post it!)
We're off to the Ronkonkoma parade today - can't wait for the kids to whine and complain to me that it's too loud. Too bad. I want to go.
HAPPY SUNDAY PEEPS! IT"S STILL THE WEEKEND! I think I can throw a beer in there somewhere!!

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